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Whether you are starting a new business, working to scale your existing business or dealing with rapid industry changes, business development has never been more essential. In a fast-paced global marketplace, the ability to pivot, reroute and continue to develop and grow your company is a high priority.

At M3H, we provide business development consultancy services tailored to your company’s needs. Wherever you are in the process, however you plan to move forward, our consulting experts are ready to assist you. We know the ins and outs of business development and are ready to partner with your company to make a plan for future goals.

The old adage, “Growth doesn’t happen by accident,” is true for a reason. Thoughtful growth—lasting growth—requires key steps at key times by key people. Our team of experts is ready to help facilitate your business development goals, pushing them to the next level.

Another area in which M3H shines is helping with international marketing plans. Wholesale and distribution are just two areas that must be considered in outreach to a global audience.

International marketing, an important element of business development, is part a hands-on effort and part an art form. Our skilled consultancy experts will guide you and your team every step of the way.



We provide companies with strategies, plans and recommendations in various areas of business development to achieve maximum goals and make them consistently growing in highly competitive industries. Through our international experience and highly skilled team, we can provide our clients business development and profitable solutions.

We tailor our services to the particular needs of your business.

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Since 2004 we have been increasing the growth of aspiring brands across Europe, Africa and Middle East, utilizing our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the international markets supply and demand. We identify countries where your product will be successful, create an effective marketing strategy after an extensive research, product demand analysis and a successful delivery plan to strengthen the brand core and awareness internationally.

We are committed to excellence. Our job is to make marketing power your overall business performance.

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Our experience in marketing together with our vision and desire to create world-class service is the secret behind our success.

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